Gifts for Bookworms to Add to Their Collection

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Bookworms are unique enthusiasts who love curling up with a good book at any time of the day. As a book lover, it is common to find that you are lost in the pages of a novel or engrossed in the ideas of a non-fiction book. Such individuals enjoy expanding their personal library with exciting reads and unique editions to enrich their literary collections.

If you have a friend or family member who is a bookworm, it can be challenging to find presents that they do not have in their collection or ones that they will genuinely appreciate. However, we have put together a list of gifts that will interest any book lover and make a lovely addition to their library.

1. A Book Subscription Service

One of the best gifts for bookworms is a book subscription service. Such services provide new releases, bestsellers, and critical works instantaneously. Subscription services are the perfect way to keep their collection replenished without leaving their homes. Some popular book subscription options include Book of the Month Club, Owlcrate, and Shelflove Crate.

2. High-Quality Bookmarks

When reading, book lovers require bookmarks to mark their pages when they need to take breaks. They will appreciate the gift of high-quality bookmarks, which provide a personal and beautiful touch to their reading experience. Consider bookmarks made from leather or metal to add a durable quality to their bookmark collection.

3. Personalized Bookplates

Personalized bookplates add a personal touch to a book lover’s collection. They make a great addition to the inside cover of a book, and they are perfect for keeping track of a book’s owner and borrower. You can opt for designs that are simple and elegant or go for something fun and quirky.

4. Literary Candles

Many book lovers consider the reading atmosphere essential. Aromatherapy candles make perfect gifts for bookworms, improving relaxation and concentration. Literary candles come in a wide range of scents, inspired by characters and settings in popular novels. Some of these candles smell like old books, while others feature scents such as leather, lavender, and vanilla.

5. Coffee Table Books

Book lovers enjoy having beautiful books to keep on display on bookshelves or coffee tables. Choose a book that provides stunning artwork or thoughtful images, such as photography, architecture or any particular topic of interest. Such presentation books will add aesthetic value and stimulate new inspiration.

6. Personal Library Kit

A personal library kit offers a vintage touch, providing book lovers with everything they need to manage and lend their books. The ideal library kit includes self-adhesive pockets, due-date cards, and a date stamp, all presented in an elegant tin box.

Final Thoughts

Whether for a birthday, holiday, or any occasion, these gift ideas will undoubtedly satisfy the book lover on your list. Consider their preferences and interests to personalize and tailor to their taste accordingly. The perfect gift for a bookworm is one that enhances their love and appreciation for reading, adding value to their personal library.

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