7 Home Selling Tips to Attract Millennial Buyers

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Selling a home takes a lot of effort and time – there’s no way around it. But when it comes to selling your home to millennials, it requires a unique approach. Millennials, also known as the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are a growing force in the real estate market. They have unique demands and preferences when it comes to their home buying decisions. Here are seven home selling tips that can help you attract millennial buyers.

1. Focus on technology

Millennials are the first generation that grew up with technology. They are looking for a home that can keep pace with their wired lifestyle. So you must explore every possible technology aspect of your home. You can add a smart thermostat, smart security system, smart appliances, and other high-tech features that enable the mindful use of energy and enhance comfort.

2. Highlight energy efficiency

A recent survey found that 94% of millennials are concerned about the environment and want to live in an eco-friendly home. Therefore, making your home energy efficient by installing LED light bulbs, low-flow fixtures, insulation, double-paned windows, and solar panels would be a plus. By highlighting the energy-efficient features of your home, you will appeal to millennial buyers who are inspired to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Emphasize home office space

The pandemic has made remote working a norm across many industries. Thus, millennials expect their home to accommodate office space to work from home. You must ensure that you have a fully-equipped work-from-home setup within the house. It could be a spare room or a designated space in the living area with good lighting and ventilation.

4. Make the home low-maintenance

Millennials are looking for a home that requires minimal maintenance. They want to save money and time instead of investing it in repairing and maintenance of the house. Some ways to achieve a low-maintenance home are by using artificial turf, xeriscaping, or replacing high-maintenance features like a pool with a low-maintenance style.

5. Staging with a minimalist approach

Millennials prefer a minimalist design that emphasizes open space and natural light. Highlight the architectural features of your home by decluttering the space, using neutral colors, and strategically placed accents. The texture and accessories should add character to space rather than taking up too much space.

6. Connect with social media

Millennials are all about social media and are likely using it to search for homes too. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a strong social media presence. You can enhance your market’s visibility by creating virtual tours, short videos, and photos incorporating drone shots that create a feel for your home.

7. Promote walkability

Walkability and sustainability are essential concerns for millennials. Ditch the traditional ways of promoting the proximity of the home to various amenities and instead emphasize the walkability of the home location. Highlight the nearby parks, restaurants, or entertainment options that can be easily reached on foot.

In conclusion, millennials represent a significant market for home sellers, and it’s crucial to adjust the selling strategy to meet their preferences and demands. By following these seven tips, you’ll attract the right buyers, speed up the selling process, and get the most out of your home sale.

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